Action on Poverty’s corporate partnership program helps companies define their social purpose and give back to their communities.

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Social impact is more important for businesses than ever. Your customers, clients, and employees are looking at your corporate citizenship to inform their decisions. But corporate social responsibility is so much more than just an employee giving program or an annual fundraising event. Our corporate charity partnership programs help companies shape their values, inspire and engage their staff, and work ethically and responsibly for the good of all.

Our corporate partnership program includes:

  • helping your organisation develop its social values and align with the Sustainable Development Goals
  • helping you design and implement effective development projects tailored to your company’s goals
  • connecting you with our verified partners and projects overseas
  • providing opportunities for international team-building assignments
  • providing fundraising, volunteering, and other engagement opportunities
  • promoting your social impact to our audiences
  • contributing grants to selected projects.

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Engineers take action on poverty in Vietnam

Four hundred people living in a disadvantaged village in northern Vietnam are enjoying safer travel in and out of their community, thanks to our corporate partnership with SMEC, a global engineering firm. 

Australian corporates are in the position to drive change and address both local and global poverty, social disadvantage and environmental protection through sustainable programs, awareness and education.

Roger Bayliss, SMEC Foundation

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Primary school children, Seaco volunteers and AOP staff smiling and waving

Building schools in Vietnam and Cambodia

International teams from Seaco, a global shipping container company, have renovated schools in disadvantaged areas of Cambodia and Vietnam, providing safer learning environments for children.

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