About Action on Poverty

Action on Poverty is an international development organisation that works through partnerships to create a world free of poverty and inequality. We believe everyone has a role in creating a more just and equal world. Our speciality is creating networks, maximising resources, and upskilling people and organisations so that together we can create lasting change. 

Action on Poverty is a secular and independent NGO. We are fully accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and are a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID). 


What does Action on Poverty do?

Action on Poverty connects philanthropists, corporates, and charities with grassroots communities and projects around the world to end poverty. Since 1968, we’ve been supporting innovative and evidence-based, community-led development projects that tackle the root causes of poverty. 

We support programs to improve education, water and sanitation, food security, social accountability and governance, gender equality, and health. We also support programs that address environmental issues and climate change. Read more about the types of programs we support here


What countries does Action on Poverty work in?

Action on Poverty works with partners across Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. See here for a full list of where we operate



Who does Action on Poverty partner with?

We work with a range of partners including philanthropists, corporates, non-profits, researchers, and innovators from Australia and overseas. 

Our partners have developed technologies to reduce dengue, helped children access free and effective treatment for clubfoot, implemented award-winning social enterprise models, and much more! Read more about our partners here

To learn more about our different types of partnerships, visit our site here


Why should you partner with Action on Poverty?

Partnering with Action on Poverty means you’ll be empowered to create meaningful impact and help break the cycle of poverty. In 2020-21, our programs reached over 700,000 people in 14 countries across Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. As a changemaker, you’ll also be able to maximise your resources, expand your network, and share expertise. 


How can I partner with Action on Poverty?

If you’re interested in partnering with us to take meaningful action on poverty, submit a partnership enquiry here


What is a charity partnership?

Action on Poverty helps Australian charities connect with communities and partners overseas, helping you increase your impact. We offer a suite of bespoke training and development opportunities to empower our charity partners to continue growing so they can better serve the needs of their communities. 

If you’re a charity, non-profit or fundraising group looking to establish a project, or you’re expanding your work overseas, visit our site here to learn more about partnering with us. Visit our page here to submit a charity partnership enquiry.


What is a corporate partnership?

Our corporate partnership program helps companies define their social purpose and give back to their communities. Our programs help companies shape their values, inspire, and engage their staff, and work ethically and responsibly for the good of all. 

Visit our page here to learn more about corporate partnerships. Visit our site here to submit a corporate partnership enquiry


Donating to Action on Poverty

Why should I donate to Action on Poverty?

By supporting Action on Poverty, you’ll help support life-changing grassroots development projects that break the poverty cycle. We have over 50 years of experience in supporting community-led development projects that tackle the root causes of poverty and have proven to create measurable change. In 2020-21, we provided 59,475 people with access to safe water, 84,667 people with more food to eat, and reached over 700,000 people in 14 countries. 


Where does my money go?

We’re committed to transparency and accountability with our donors. In 2019-2020, 89% of donations went to our international programs, and 11% was used to cover our admin, program, and fundraising costs. Find out more about how we use donations here, or view our latest annual report and financial statement here


Are donations to Action on Poverty tax deductible?

Yes! We have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Tax Office and are fully accredited with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. You can set up regular, tax-deductible donations from your salary using your workplace’s payroll system. Contact us to learn more about workplace giving. 



Can I volunteer in the Action on Poverty Australia office?

Yes! We’re always looking for skilled volunteers to lend a hand at our head office, based in North Sydney, Australia. Our amazing volunteers have provided IT support, enhanced our social media presence, assisted partner organisations and much more!

If you’d like to use your skills to take meaningful action against poverty, submit a volunteer enquiry here.  


Can I volunteer if I work full time?

Yes! We’re so grateful for the contributions of our wonderful volunteers and recognise that our volunteers may have work and other commitments that keep them busy. If you’re interested in volunteering with us, we’ll collaboratively work with you to establish a flexible volunteering partnership that suits you and your schedule. 


Can I volunteer overseas with Action on Poverty?

If you’re interested in volunteering overseas, please visit the Australian Volunteers Program website to search for postings. 


Does Action on Poverty accept interns?

Yes! We regularly take on interns to assist our communications, fundraising and program teams. We also have internship programs with UNSW Sydney, UTS, Macquarie University, Boston University, and other institutions. 

If you’d be interested in volunteering, please contact us using the form on our volunteering page



How do I leave feedback or make a complaint?

At Action on Poverty, we always welcome feedback. If you would like to leave us feedback or get in contact, you can do so here

If you think we’ve fallen short of our standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability, you can make a complaint here.