Thank you for considering a charitable gift to Action on Poverty in your will, also known as a bequest. This is a tremendous act of compassion and generosity. With a bequest to Action on Poverty, you’re leaving behind a life-changing legacy that will help future generations break the poverty cycle. We understand that providing for family and loved ones comes first, but even a small gift can have a huge impact. We are grateful for every bequest, regardless of the size or type. Bequests ensure that we can continue our work long into the future. Contact us for a confidential discussion about leaving a bequest, or speak to your solicitor or financial advisor.

Legal advice

Action on Poverty is not authorised to provide legal or financial advice. We recommend that you take professional advice if you would like to make a bequest. If you do not have a solicitor, the Law Society or Institute in your State or Territory can help you find one.