Action on Poverty is a secular, independent NGO that connects Australian changemakers with local partners in developing countries to break the poverty cycle. Submit a partnership enquiry or donate now to help us achieve our goal.

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We work in partnership

We believe that we can go further and faster together.

We are experts in bringing together changemakers from developing communities, civil society, government, academia, philanthropy, and the private sector to collaborate on projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Working in partnerships means we can harness our collective brain power, resources, and networks to achieve our shared goals. When we work together, 1 + 1 = >2.

We work with local communities

Our aim is to empower communities to create their own vision of a better world.

Empowering local people and organisations is the most effective way to take action on poverty. That’s why we prefer to work with grassroots, community-based organisations, relying on their local expertise to design and deliver projects hand-in-hand with communities. Meanwhile, we contribute our own skills and resources to partners. For example, by providing training in areas such as programming, policy, and finance, we strengthen our partner organisations so they can better serve their communities.

We work on quality programs

We support innovative and evidence-based programs that address the root causes of poverty.

Our aim is to deliver high quality programs that build stronger communities better able to tackle poverty and injustice. This approach promotes inclusive communities where the benefits of development are shared equally with marginalised groups such as women, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities.

We focus on communities’ existing assets and strengths to develop projects suited to the local context. We are constantly increasing our knowledge and assessing our programs to ensure our work meets local needs and shifting challenges.

Action on Poverty is fully accredited with the Australian Government and is a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct, operating at the highest levels of transparency and accountability in the sector.