We adhere to best practice on fundraising as outlined in the ACFID Fundraising Charter. We’re also committed to keeping our donors up to date on how their money is used and the impact of their gifts.

Where our money comes from

We receive funding from a range of sources, including:

  • Donations from the public
  • Donations from trusts and foundations
  • Grants from the Australian Government
  • Grants from local and international institutions
  • Investments

Where the money goes

In 2019-20, 89% of donations went to our international programs, and 11% was used to cover our admin, program, and fundraising costs.

International programs (89%): Funds remitted overseas to aid and development projects.

Program support costs (5%): Direct costs of project management in Australia, including salaries, project design, and monitoring and evaluation.

Fundraising (2%): All costs related to public, private and government fundraising, including mailing of fundraising materials, and costs related to applying for and reporting on grants.

Accountability and administration (4%): Support for the overall operations of AOP, such as audit fees, personnel, IT, finance, and memberships to peak bodies.

Please download our Annual Reports and Financial Statements to find out more.

We strive to use your gift in accordance with your wishes. In the unusual event that a project or appeal is over-funded, we will allocate excess funds to a similar project or contact you to find out your preference.