We are delighted to announce a new partnership with VietHarvest, which will help reduce food waste and support vulnerable communities in Vietnam. 

Through a sustainable social enterprise model, we will help VietHarvest set up operations in Vietnam and truly make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people while helping to tackle food waste at the same time.

“VietHarvest’s mission comes to life when companies and individuals believe in the purpose and vision of nourishing Vietnam. Without our volunteers, food donors, chef ambassadors and partners like Action on Poverty – it would not be possible to realise the vision of VietHarvest to save food from waste, while also reducing hunger” said Louise Tran, Co-founder of VietHarvest.

According to the United Nations, 1.3 billion tonnes of food produced is lost or wasted around the world. The retail cost of food waste is $1 trillion USD. In Ho Chi Minh City alone, 5,000 tonnes of food is wasted daily, while thousands of people suffer from hunger.

Vietnam is the second-largest producer of food waste in the region, after China. Most food is lost through poor handling, storage and spoilage in distribution. It is estimated that 80% of rice in Vietnam never makes it to market for these reasons, and In the first half of 2017, there were an estimated 574,000 people suffering from hunger in Vietnam.

“The potential of VietHarvest to impact lives is huge. Our vision is to create a sustainable social enterprise that tackles food waste, hunger and helps to educate and empower the underserved communities in Vietnam. We have ambitious goals, and thanks to AOP we’re able to kick-start it this year in Hanoi” Said Jimmy Pham, Co-founder of VietHarvest.

AOP has more than 50 years of international development experience and grassroots networks globally, and we are ideally placed to help individuals and organisations tackle poverty worldwide. Our standards for program design, financial management, and governance are examples of best practices.

“We have been working in Vietnam for over 30 years with a really strong record of successful programming (…) When you have a partner like VietHarvest that is looking to get started and prove and refine their model, then it’s a really good fit to work with a professional and experienced team such as AOP in Vietnam, with such a track record as they have, the chances of success are really high.”  Said Action on Poverty’s CEO, Brayden Howie.

Donate now to tackle food waste and help vulnerable communities in Vietnam.

When donating please add “VietHarvest” as a note so we can redirect the donation to our partner. Thanks!



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