Governance in Vietnam

People cannot make their voices heard in the socio-economic planning process without an effective dialogue mechanism.

Although public services such as education and health care have substantially improved since the Doi Moi in 1986, there are still limitations.

Vietnamese people cannot participate in decision-making due to a lack of effective channels and mechanisms. Without the opportunity to provide feedback on public policies and services, there is a lack of communication between government and citizens. Vulnerable groups, such as women, children and ethnic minorities, find it particularly difficult to raise their voices. This is a major obstacle to poverty alleviation in Vietnam.

Promoting social accountability builds the capacity of communities to dialogue with their local authorities. Social accountability tools and training are needed to help people participate more fully in public life. When communities can identify their own needs, and have the opportunity to meet with their government representatives, civil societies are strengthened. Meanwhile, authorities must be encouraged to understand communities’ needs and improve their policies and services in response.

By ensuring people can raise their voices and participate in decision-making, we can meet communities’ needs, and promote sustainable and inclusive development in Vietnam.

What we do

In order to improve public services and encourage a vibrant civil society, we engage both local government and communities in social accountability.


  • We conduct participatory research to understand the impact of government policies on the poor, particularly vulnerable groups such as women and ethnic minorities

  • We design simple social accountability tools that can be used by citizens and governments to collect information on the delivery of public services

  • We conduct training on social accountability tools to improve awareness, and capacity of local people and community groups to hold their governments to account

  • We provide policy recommendations based on feedback from local and national authorities.

  • We encourage results-oriented and evidence-based dialogue between local government and the people

  • We create and run an online social accountability resource centre to disseminate information and promote cooperation between social accountability practitioners and civil society organisations.

Our impact

  • Trained 500 People’s Investigation Boards and Community Investment Supervision Boards in social monitoring. They are now using the Community Investment Supervision Handbook, which helps communities to monitor and provide feedback on public projects such as roads.

  • Organised 10 dialogues about public policies and services between local authorities and communities in the last two years.

  • Established a Social Accountability Resource Centre

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Project in-depth

Social Accountability Resource Centre

The Social Accountability Resource Centre serves as a hub for civil society. It offers resources, information and opportunities related to social accountability in Vietnam.


Civil society projects in Vietnam are fragmented, making it difficult for organisations to network, learn from each other, share information, and consolidate their efforts. This poses a major obstacle for social accountability activities in Vietnam.

Our initiative

To address this challenge, we launched the Social Accountability Resource Centre in 2016. The Centre is an online platform open to local CSOs and NGOs promoting good governance, as well as officials, institutes, experts, and others who want to learn more about social accountability.

The Centre provides information on:

  • social accountability projects and programs

  • research and reports on social accountability

  • social accountability tools and manuals

  • grant opportunities related to governance

  • news and events on social accountability activities

  • networking opportunities for civil society organisations and practitioners.

Visit the Social Accountability Resource Centre