Walk for Life

The Walk for Life program in Bangladesh enablesĀ children born with clubfoot to walk, run, and play.

With free treatment, children such as Jandi and Rafi who are born with clubfoot can reach their full potential, and have the best possible chance at escaping the poverty cycle.

About clubfoot in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, 3,500 children are born with clubfoot every year. There are many barriers to seeking treatment, including lack of awareness in the community, lack of access to health care, and lack of training for medical professionals.

The Walk for Life program:

  • offers free treatment for children with clubfoot using non-surgical techniques (Ponseti method)

  • educates doctors, nurses and physiotherapists

  • improves awareness of clubfoot and its treatment

  • reduces the stigma around clubfoot.

To date, the program has established a network of 29 clubfoot clinics, treated over 20,000 children, trained over 400 medical staff, and reached thousands through its clubfoot awareness campaigns.

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Program success

The Bangladeshi Government has now adopted Walk for Life as the National Clubfoot Program. With the local health system able to take the program forward on its own, Walk for Life no longer requires support from Australian donors.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible success story! With your help, children in need now have access to free and low-cost clubfoot treatment.

Please consider redirecting your gift to another of our worthy projects to help other vulnerable communities overseas transform their lives forever.

This program is supported by Australian Aid and The Glencoe Foundation.

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