Better Livelihoods for Three Generations in Vietnam

Mr Nhat and Mrs Quy are a married couple who live in Sung village – a mountainous region of Da Bac in northern Vietnam inhabited by the Dao people.

Before we met them, Mr Nhat and Mrs Quy earned an unstable income from farming. They struggled to care for their elderly parents and send their two children to school. Mr Nhat considered moving to a big city to find work, but worried about leaving his family behind.

Finding a solution

In Vietnam, Action on Poverty’s Community Based Tourism (CBT) project is helping ethnic minority groups develop long-term livelihoods that take advantage of their natural resources and unique cultures.

When they heard about the success of the CBT model in neighbouring villages, Mr Nhat and Mrs Quy decided it could work for their family too.

After consulting their family, they decided to turn their house into a homestay and use tourism as their primary livelihood.

Making the change

With a small loan, Mr Nhat and Mrs Quy upgraded their home with some new facilities for international guests, such as Western bathrooms, while retaining many traditional touches.

They also attended training in hospitality, English, and food preparation and hygiene. They began welcoming their first guests in 2018.

Mr Nhat and Mrs Quy have now been operating their business for over a year. They have received wonderful feedback from both domestic and international visitors. Guests love experiencing the life of a traditional Dao village and exploring the nearby mountains, caves, and forests.

Reaping the rewards

Mr Nhat and Mrs Quy have drastically improved their income, earning an extra $670 per month. This guarantees good living conditions for the family and education for the children.

“Thanks to the CBT project, my family can introduce our culture and lifestyle to visitors,” said Mr Nhat.

“I never imagined serving international visitors one day. The income from tourism also helps me afford a higher quality of life for three generations of my family without me moving to the city.”

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The Community-based Tourism project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and by Irish Aid.


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