The best gardens in Kiribati

Congratulations to the 54 households who participated in our kitchen garden competition in Kiribati.

Tauranga won first prize with his lush and attractive garden. The local mayor and clerk were part of the judging team. They assessed gardens based on the number, variety and health of the plants; cleanliness; and style of the garden.

Tauranga and five runners-up received gardening tools, including wheelbarrows and shovels.

The climate challenge

It’s not just Tauranga who’s done an amazing job on his garden. With seeds from the community nursery, families are now growing nutritious produce such as cabbage and taro.

In Kiribati, rising sea levels push salt water inland. This water contaminates wells and makes it difficult for families to grow vegetables.

Many families on Marakei Island, one of Kiribati’s 33 remote coral atolls, are also struggling to earn income from traditional means such as copra – the coconut flesh used for coconut oil, soap and other products.

With coconut trees not bearing much fruit this season, families are relying on their kitchen gardens to feed themselves and earn money.

Finding solutions

We help families dig wells, set up irrigation systems, access quality seeds and start their own gardens.

Families learn skills such as composting, and attend cooking classes so they know how to use their own produce to prepare nutritious meals.

With access to clean water and seeds, Tauranga and other households can now feed their families and earn extra income from selling their veggies at market.

Donate now to help vulnerable communities in Kiribati access clean water and grow kitchen gardens.


Sustainable Development Goals

1. No Poverty - Action on Poverty  2. Zero Hunger - Action on Poverty  3. Good Health and Well-Being - Action on Poverty  6. Clean Water and Sanitation - Action on Poverty

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure - Action on Poverty  10. Reduced Inequalities - Action on Poverty  13. Climate Action - Action on Poverty  17. Partnerships for the Goals - Action on Poverty


This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).



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