Srey's climate challenge

Mrs Srey, 39, lives with her four children in a remote village in Pursat Province.

After her crops were destroyed by pests and drought, Mrs Srey’s family didn’t have enough rice to eat. They were surviving on less than $3 a day.

Cambodia is extremely vulnerable to climate change because of its reliance on agriculture. People with limited resources like Mrs Srey are at high risk of falling deeper into poverty.

The impact of climate change

Mrs Srey’s whole village has been severely impacted by climate change. The village chief reported long periods of drought during the rainy season, followed by a storm that caused flash flooding.

During the drought, children were unable to go to school because of the extreme heat. Many also contracted diarrhoea after drinking from unsafe water sources.

Mrs Srey’s village lacks strong infrastructure. Poor roads and bridges were easily damaged in the floods, which meant people had difficulty transporting their crops for sale.

Learning to adapt

We teamed up with the Cambodian Organization for Children and Development (COCD) to help villages across Pursat Province adapt to climate change and prepare for natural disasters.

Mrs Srey participated in training with district agricultural officers to learn climate-sensitive farming techniques.

“I have gained knowledge since I started attending climate change trainings,” said Mrs Srey. “I now know how to grow crops in a way which adapts to the consequences of climate change, and I hope to now increase my crop yields.”

Mrs Srey also helped to conduct climate assessments, create disaster plans, and run disaster response simulations.

The local government has now incorporated the village’s plans into its strategies to protect the region from the worst effects of climate change.

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