Senior Communications, Marketing and Fundraising Officer

Type: Full-time
: Hanoi, Vietnam
Job descriptionSenior Communications, Marketing and Fundraising Officer  JD(PDF 139KB)
Date closes: 25 September (application period extended)
How to apply: email CV and cover letter to

Are you a communications and fundraising all-rounder? We are seeking someone who can get dollars in the door, while expertly managing media coverage, posting engaging content to social media, managing our graphic design, organising a spectacular gala ball, writing a grants proposal, revamping our website, and kicking goals with our digital marketing.

You will be based in Hanoi, Vietnam and report to two managers, one local and another based in Sydney, so your  time and expectation management skills need to be outstanding.

Ideally you will be a native English speaker and can also read and speak Vietnamese fluently. You will have a minimum five years experience in a similar field.




Action on Poverty

Action on Poverty