Seeds of Change in Kiribati

In Kiribati, rising sea levels are pushing salt water inland. This water contaminates wells and makes it difficult for women to grow food in the poor soil.

Families are forced to rely on expensive, imported foods. These foods are often highly processed, and can contribute to health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

“I used to find it difficult to get a balanced diet for my children as my husband and I don’t have regular income,” said Mrs Tauranga. “In times of bad weather, my husband could not even go fishing.”

Mrs Tauranga in her vegetable garden - Action on Poverty

Mrs Tauranga in her vegetable garden

Digging in for nutrition

We help vulnerable villages on Marakei Island dig new wells, access quality seeds and start their own gardens.

Families learn skills such as composting, and attend cooking classes so they know how to incorporate their produce into nutritious meals.

With access to clean water and seeds, women can now feed their families. For example, when her husband can’t catch fish, Mrs Tauranga says she can turn to her garden for nutritious ingredients.

“We cook vegetables such as island cabbages and tomatoes to supplement our family meals,” she said.

Mrs Teretia in her vegetable garden - Action on Poverty

Mrs Teretia in her vegetable garden

From crops to cash

But the vegetables don’t just fill stomachs – they also fill purses. Women are now earning extra income from selling veggies to their neighbours.

“I am selling vegetables to earn some money,” said Mrs Teretia. “I am able to save each time so I can buy my push-bike to help me travel from my village to other villages for family functions.”

Mrs Tomaniti in her vegetable garden - Action on Poverty

Mrs Tomaniti in her vegetable garden

Mrs Tomaniti said she is also earning extra money from selling her eggplants and cucumbers.

“We have been struggling to support our children’s school fees and this program has empowered me and my family to plant more vegetables for both our food and our income.”

Donate now to help vulnerable communities in Kiribati access clean water and grow kitchen gardens.


Sustainable Development Goals

1. No Poverty - Action on Poverty  2. Zero Hunger - Action on Poverty  3. Good Health and Well-Being - Action on Poverty  6. Clean Water and Sanitation - Action on Poverty

10. Reduced Inequalities - Action on Poverty  13. Climate Action - Action on Poverty  17. Partnerships for the Goals - Action on Poverty


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