Seaco Builds Safer School
in Vietnam

With help from our friends at Seaco, kindergarten students in Tien Phong now have a safe place to learn and grow.

In May we partnered with Seaco, one of the largest container-leasing companies in the world, to transform a preschool with 70 students. The school now hopes to attract many more students to its improved learning environment.

Unsafe for students and staff

Before May, the school lacked basic facilities and was dangerous for young children.

When it was built in 2010, the kindergarten inherited a makeshift kitchen from an older, neighboring school. It was hard for staff to cook for the children and, during storms or bad weather, dangerous for the students to eat outside. On those days they had to go home for lunch and return for afternoon classes.


The toilet was a hole in the ground, detached from the classrooms and out of the sight of teachers. To reach the toilet, kids had to walk across a rocky field. Hygiene was a critical issue.

The play equipment was also worn out and posed a threat. 

Partnership for change

In May, a hard-working team of 19 staff from Seaco travelled to Vietnam to help renovate the kindergarten and make it safe for students and teachers.

Over two long days of rain and dust, the Seaco team repaired damaged buildings and installed new playground equipment. They also provided new dining sets and learning materials.


New school, brighter future

We are very happy to announce that the project is now complete, with the final touches completed in June.

New playground, kitchen, dining room and toilet – all are ready to welcome more children into early education in Tien Phong!


Sustainable Development Goals

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