Profiting from Peanuts in Zimbabwe

A group of butternut farmers in Mutoko has increased their income by over 50 per cent by setting up their own peanut butter business.

According to the United Nations, 76 per cent of rural households live in poverty in Zimbabwe. Low employment is a major contributor to poverty due to the lack of business in rural areas.

With support from our local partner, Community Technology Development Trust (CTDT), the Tibu Group of eight men and two women attended micro-finance training and joining a local savings and loans association.

After learning about different business options, they decided to create a peanut butter processing unit. They saw this as a unique opportunity to gain lasting economic security for their families and their community.

Start-up success

Recognising their strong business potential, Action on Poverty provided the group with a peanut butter making machine, generator, jerry can (with start-up fuel), and refresher training on small business management. This gave the group the resources they needed to begin their small business.

To further enrich their skills, the group attended a seminar with the Ministry of Small to Medium Enterprise. The seminar included a competition, where all the groups in the district displayed their products. The butternut group claimed the Best Group Award. They also forged new relationships with buyers, and sold all of their products at the seminar.

The benefits of butter

Now in their second year, the Tibu Group has earned over $3,500 in income – a 50 per cent increase over Year 1. 

With their peanut butter profits, group members have been able to buy assets such as goats, chickens, and farming tools.

“We are now able to pay our children’s school fees. We are able to give our children food, nutritious food, and they are now healthy through this project,” said Quania, a member of the group. 

“My life has become so changed,” said Theresa, another member of the Tibu Group. “We are so different now because we have some way to get money. I am the happiest woman to be in this group, and am now a proud owner of two goats.”

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