Paru fights for her education

Posted on December 1, 2017

image of girls receiving education in ICT

Making change for her family

Paru, 20, is from the Dinajpur district of Bangladesh. Her father, the sole breadwinner, is a labourer. Paru also has two sisters who are married and out of the home.

Her sisters were not able to receive education past primary school because the family was extremely poor. Seeing her sisters forced to give up their education, Paru was determined that she would find a way to continue her schooling and help her family.

Fighting for her education

Paru is an honour student at Dinajpur Women’s Degree College and continues to fight for her education. She is studying English. In order to go to school, Paru walked 5 kilometres to the station to catch a train, and did the same on the way back. There is an easier way to get there, but her family could not afford it.

Without electricity in her home, Paru studied by the light of two rechargeable torches that her father brought to the local market to charge every day. She borrowed old textbooks from senior students because she could not afford to buy new ones and she did odd jobs in her village to help herself get through school. Paru was doing everything she could, with her limited resources, to get an education and help her family escape poverty.

Learn for Life makes education achievable

The headmaster at Paru’s school knew about her struggle and brought her story to Learn for Life. They helped her become a part of an online course in information and communications and technology (ICT).

They also offered her a stipend to help cover the costs of her schooling. With the help of Learn for Life, Paru has been able to fulfil her dreams of higher education. With her stipend money she has been able to pay her expenses and fees. Her training in ICT has also opened up opportunities as a part-time computer operator at the computer shops in her village.

With the help of Learn for Life, Paru has been able to make her dreams of getting a degree a reality and her future is brighter.