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AOP connects philanthropists, non-profits, corporates, and universities with trusted non-profits and developing communities across Africa, Asia, and the Pacific to take action on poverty.

Our partners have developed innovative technologies to reduce dengue, helped children access free and effective treatment for clubfoot, and implemented award-winning models for social enterprise. Talk to us about how we can help you achieve your vision and create a lasting impact.

For Philanthropists

For Non-Profits

For Businesses

For Universities and Innovators


AOP is your guide to effective, transformative giving. We can work together to develop a bespoke project that tackles the cause you’re most passionate about, or steer you to one of our vetted partners/projects in Africa, Asia, or the Pacific.

We offer a unique opportunity to take ownership of an issue and be on the frontlines of action. Your point-of-view, skill set, and resources are integral to finding solutions to poverty and injustice; our role is to enable you to leverage these to make the greatest impact possible.

Our services include:

  • helping you assess development issues, the local context, and the challenges communities face;

  • working with you to design effective interventions, leveraging your skills and resources;

  • connecting you with our networks in Australia and abroad, including government and grassroots NGOs;

  • ensuring your project complies with international best practice, including DFAT and ACFID regulations;

  • managing your development project, from developing logic frameworks to conducting evaluations; and

  • contributing grants to selected projects.

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AOP’s work has always involved building the capacity of other non-government and community-based organisations so they can better serve the needs of their communities.

AOP can help developing NGOs in Australia and overseas with:

  • training, mentoring, and consultation;

  • support for organisational development in areas such as governance, program management, and financial management;

  • understanding and complying with DFAT, ACFID, and other regulatory frameworks;

  • fundraising and marketing support; and

  • contributing grants to selected projects.

Business and CSR

Social impact is more important for business than ever. Your customers, clients, employees, suppliers, and contractors are looking at your business’s values, corporate citizenship, and community engagement to inform their decisions.

Our services include:

  • helping your organisation align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);

  • connecting you with opportunities to support important causes overseas;

  • helping you design and implement effective development projects;

  • challenging your team to utilise their skills in new ways;

  • providing opportunities for team-building activities and assignments overseas;

  • providing fundraising, volunteering, or other community engagement activities for your team in Australia;

  • promoting your social impact to our audiences; and

  • contributing grants to selected projects.

Universities and Innovators

Innovation isn’t just a buzz word – it’s vital for helping us achieve the 17 SDGs. AOP can help you take your idea, research or technology to where it’s needed most and bring it to scale. Our services include:

  • connecting you with local governments, authorities, and other partners;

  • managing your in-country business operations;

  • ensuring compliance with all necessary legislative/regulatory frameworks; and

  • contributing grants to selected projects.

Please fill out the Partnership Enquiry Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, email us to to find out more about partnering with AOP.