Mother’s Day gift ideas

Posted on May 1, 2015

Mother's Day gift dieas

Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make her smile

This Mother’s Day, Sunday 10 May,  give your Mum a meaningful and life-changing gift. The gift of providing a mum in need with the means to lift herself out of poverty.
A pig, goat or chicken will provide a family with food as well as income. Mothers invest their income back into their family for school fees, health care and a better future for their children. 

You can make a donation to our livelihoods program directly  or buy a very special gift for Mum and you will receive an Action on Poverty e-card that is not only a gift for her but for other Mums around the world too.


PigNothing brings home the bacon like a pig – they provide meat to eat, piglets to sell, biogas to burn, and manure to enrich poor soils and make crops grow.

Buy Mum a pig for $55



Girl with goatWhat’s a greater gift than a goat? Goats produce milk, meat, leather, fibre and organic fertiliser and use far less resources than other animals.

Buy mum a goat for $30



EggsChickens can provide a nest egg for rural African mothers – they provide meat, eggs and a reliable source of income. 

Buy Mum a chicken for $8


So this Mother’s Day make your Mum feel special in the knowledge her gift is positively impacting the lives of poor and vulnerable families in rural Africa. You will receive an attractive e-card you can pass on to your Mum. Buy a life-changing gift now.