Maly has a Good Start at preschool

Posted on November 27, 2015

5 year-old Maly is one oGirlf our success stories. Born premature in the poor Veal Veng District of Cambodia, Maly was malnourished and suffered from developmental problems including poor speech and memory. Abandoned by her parents, she lives with her grandmother who is a survivor from the war and was never educated.

Maly now attends a Good Start preschool we built near her home and her development has grown in leaps and bounds. She can count to 10, knows the Khmer alphabet and she loves to sing and play with the other children. She has also been vaccinated, has regular health checks, eats nutritious meals and has learned how to brush her teeth. We know that Maly will thrive in primary school next year thanks to the Good Start she received at pre-school.

We need your help to build three more preschools as well as set-up 15 home-based preschools, which will give 150 children like Maly a Good Start to their education.
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