Malitsatsi's Story

“I am Malitsatsi living in Zimbabwe. I would like to tell you about my life.

“I was born on 11 March, 2000, in a poor family being the third born of four children. I am the only girl in my family. My mother and father separated in 2007.

“When she left us, I was only seven. The next year after this had happened, I decided to leave home because my father was no longer supporting us. So I went to live with my uncle’s son-in-law.

“My uncle’s son-in-law tried his best to provide me with food, clothes and even stationery and school fees when I was at primary level. But at secondary level, the burden became heavy for he has four school children and he is a road worker. He was not able to raise the money alone.

“In the first term of form one, my uncle managed to pay my fees and in the second term I was also learning. But come third term, he was not able to pay my fees and I was sent back home to fetch the money. Oh, it was a disappointment to my heart. I started to think, “Where can I get that money?” My parents are poor and separated and there is a communication breakdown between us. All that way from school I was crying because I was the only student who had been sent to fetch school fees out of six hundred.

“The next day I came to school without enough money and the deputy headmaster told me that my application to The Gomo Foundation had succeeded. My broken heart was treated and no more stresses again. I am hoping to excel in all my subjects.

“I would like to encourage all scholars and other students that are underprivileged to work hard all the time, to seize the opportunity that they have so that they can achieve their goals and have a better future.

“Girl child, don’t be carried away by worldly things, they will live forever until God’s day. Use your time wisely. Thank you.”

-By Malitsatsi Kanyemba

Malitsatsi holds a sign saying: "The hotter the battle, the sweeter the victory."

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