Land Rights for Livelihoods

For six years, Luan struggled to provide for his family because the government wouldn’t grant him authority to farm the land.

Luan lives in Vu Quang, a mountainous area in north-central Vietnam. The issue began six years ago when his community was resettled to make way for a hydro-electric dam. Today, Luan’s village is 30km away and 20m underwater.

In his new village, Luan didn’t have permission to use the land for agriculture. Because they couldn’t earn a living farming, many households were forced to borrow from the bank just to cover day-to-day costs.

Connecting communities

Working with the Ha Tinh Center for Community Development (HCCD), we brought communities into dialogue with local authorities so they could share the severe impact of the delays on their lives.

After the dialogue sessions, over 300 households finally received their land use certificates and were able to begin farming.

Luan immediately took out a loan to begin developing his land. He planted 550 orange trees, constructed a pond for fish farming, and purchased livestock to begin building a diverse range of livelihoods.

Luan tending to his orange trees

Reaping the rewards

Today, Luan has 1,000 orange trees. He expects to earn $2,000 this year and $20,000 by next year when his trees reach maturity.

Luan is one of 2,500 Vietnamese farmers we’re connecting with government so they can raise their voices on issues that impact their livelihoods.

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Sustainable Development Goals

1. No Poverty  8. Decent Work and Economic Growth  10. Reduced Inequalities  

17. Partnerships for the Goals


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