Jandi's Journey to Walk for Life

Jandi*, a four-month-old infant from a remote village in Bangladesh, is one of 5,000 Bangladeshi children born with clubfoot every year.

Jandi was born with her right foot twisted inwards. Living in a makeshift hut and earning less than $100 per month, Jandi’s father, a garment worker, was worried sick at how the family could afford treatment. Meanwhile, her mother endured shame from her community, who blamed her for her daughter’s condition.

Jandi’s parents didn’t want their child to miss out on school, work, and other opportunities to succeed, but they didn’t know where to turn for help.

They are not alone

One day Jandi’s father saw a poster for Walk for Life (WFL) – Bangladesh’s national clubfoot program, supported by Action on Poverty, Australian Aid, and The Glencoe Foundation.

He brought Jandi to the WFL clinic and found children with clubfoot wearing special corrective shoes. Their parents understood Jandi’s situation.

After assessing Jandi’s feet, the WFL Clinic Manager discussed a free treatment plan with her parents. They agreed to begin treatment immediately.

WFL doctors performed a tenotomy surgery and fitted Jandi with casts to slowly move her right foot toward the correct position. Jandi has now worn five casts and her feet are ready for braces. She is on track to complete here clubfoot journey and live free from disability.

Jandi sitting on her mother's lap wearing corrective shoes

Staying the course

For parents of children with clubfoot, the treatment involves many sleepless nights. Jandi’s parents had to deal with an uncomfortable baby who wants to move her feet. Consistent follow-up with the clinic, supported by a mobile app, is vital for ensuring families adhere to the treatment plan.

In Jandi’s house, her parents cried many tears of sympathy for their baby, but they’ve made it through. Now, they are halfway to graduating from the Walk for Life program. They look forward to seeing Jandi take her very first steps in the near future.

Donate now to help more children like Jandi access health care and break free from poverty.

 * Name has been changed


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