Ines the Entrepreneur

Ines* is a single mum who lives in a remote village in Suai, Timor-Leste, where she runs her own business.

But Ines hasn’t always been so successful. She had to work hard to overcome gender-based violence and gain her independence.

Becoming self-sufficient

After her husband left in 2017, Ines needed to find a way to earn money to support her family. With help from our friends at PRADET (Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Development in East Timor), she participated in business training and opened a kiosk.

At first, Ines was earning about $8 a day. She used her modest income wisely, paying for her family’s everyday needs and reinvesting in her business.

Well-deserved success

Over the next year, Ines diversified her kiosk by selling fuel and cakes. She even began to sell second-hand clothes, a popular business model in Timor-Leste, by working with a vendor in Dili to source the merchandise.

Now Ines is earning up to $55 a day and saving money for her children. She also established a cooperative with other local women so they can pool their savings and offer each other micro-credit.

“Before, I had nothing,” Ines said. “But now I can respond to my family’s needs and I am happy. This support helped me to survive.”

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*Name has been changed


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