Hue finds her voice

Hue is the head of the Community Investment Supervision Board in her commune in Hoa Binh, Vietnam.

Her job is to monitor and ensure the quality of public works, such as roads and community houses.

Although Hue has held this role for over 10 years, she only recently began to feel confident and take pride in her work.

Learning to lead

The CISB is comprised of people elected by their community to speak up for their interests. However, Hue found it difficult to be assertive when she lacked the knowledge and training for the job.

We invited Hue and her colleagues to join our governance training. Hue learned about the roles and responsibilities of the CISB, and received practical training in how to monitor and report on public works, such as how to read building plans.

We also published a CISB Handbook to help Hue do her job, and launched an online reporting platform to improve communication between communities and government authorities.

Putting it into practice

Hue says she is now more confident when monitoring public projects. With the training under her belt, she knows how to read project plans and can identify any issues.

For example, Hue recently analysed plans for a water project and noticed a design flaw in the placement of the pipe that would impact on water quality.

She negotiated with the investor and secured the necessary adjustments to the design. Thanks to her, the commune now has clean water for everyday use.

A voice for her people

Hue is well-respected in the community, where people value the positive changes that she helps bring about.

“I have joy doing my job because my voice carries weight,” said Hue. “Many people support our monitoring work, not only our community but also the investors.

“When all conflicts are cleared, their job can be done quickly. Through monitoring, our people, including me, can benefit from the better, higher quality of projects.”

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