HIAM Health

HIAM HealthHIAM Health is an Action on Poverty Partner, working in Timor-Leste to combat malnutrition.

HIAM stands for ‘Hamutuk Ita Ajuda Malu’ – a local language phrase that means ‘together we help each other’.

Timor-Leste has the highest prevalence of child malnutrition and the worst rate of childhood stunting in the world. Stunting (low height for age) reflects chronic malnutrition. It causes irreversible brain damage, which in turn affects school performance and income-earning potential. Stunting also lowers resistance to disease, and is cyclical between mother and child.

The latest data shows shows that 46 per cent of children under the age of five in Timor-Leste are stunted. Although this statistic is startling, there has been improvement thanks to the vital work of organisations like HIAM Health. However, much more remains to be done.

HIAM Health’s three-pronged strategy strives to integrate interventions that ‘Reduce’ and ‘Prevent’ malnutrition, while also ‘Advocating’ for greater awareness and support for national nutrition goals.

As a grassroots and 100% Timorese organisation, HIAM Health has a unique ability to design culturally appropriate curricula. At HIAM’s Residential Training Facility in Dili, and in remote communities across Timor-Leste, HIAM delivers practical training in nutrition-sensitive agriculture, including topics such as: organic horticulture, safe food storage, personal hygiene, cooking for dietary diversity, and child feeding practice.

In 2010, HIAM Health received a Human Rights Award from the Presidential Office of the government of Timor-Leste. This award was presented by his Excellency the President Dr Jose Ramos Horta (Nobel Laureate), who became HIAM Health’s Patron in 2012.

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Vocational Training Program

HIAM Health is the first institution in Timor-Leste accredited to deliver not only the Certificate I in General Agriculture, but also the Certificates I and II in Horticulture. The vocational training programs focus not only on production of food, but also Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA), ensuring that rural families have greater access to adequate quantities of safe, good quality food for a nutritionally adequate diet. The training also aims to change attitudes towards agriculture, especially among youth, from a form of subsistence to a business model.

HIAM Health’s vision is to deliver these valuable agriculture courses within its residential facility, the Technical Vocational Education Centre (TVET), in Dili. This would enable rural youth to attend. However, COVID-19 has impacted funding sources and HIAM Health is now seeking to fill the funding gaps to commence its training.

Your donation will enable HIAM Health to begin delivering its vocational training programs at the Centre, empowering Timorese people to improve their agricultural production, nutrition, and incomes.

Partnership with Action on Poverty

HIAM Health is an official Action on Poverty (AOP) partner and as HIAM Health does not have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status in its own right, relies on AOP’s DGR endorsed status by the ATO, therefore any donations to support the activities of HIAM Health must be made through AOP in order to be tax deductible. While AOP will endeavour to comply with the wishes of the donor, AOP retains discretion at all times whether or not to distribute donated property in accordance with the preference expressed by the donor. AOP allows donations to be used only for benevolent activities.

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