Happy World Toilet Day!

Martha is a single mum of three children in Phalombe District, Malawi. As a farmer and entrepreneur who sells her produce at local markets, Martha was looking for a way to lower her costs and maximise her profits. She was surprised to discover that a latrine could be just what she was looking for.

Learning about latrines

Our local partner, United Purpose, trained a drama group, Masama, to share important health and sanitation messages through performance.

“I did not know that faecal matter could be turned into manure that can be applied in gardens until I learned about Ecosan latrines through a local drama performance,” said Martha. “I chose this type of latrine because ordinary latrines do not withstand the rains.”

Ecosan latrines are superior to the pit latrines Martha was used to. They are long-lasting, require minimal space, and can turn waste into fertiliser for crops.

From poop to profit

With money she earned from selling her crops, Martha purchased cement and iron sheets to build her latrine, and contributed her own bricks and sand. She employed local masons to do the work. By cutting down on the cost of fertilising her crops, Martha can now enjoy greater profits from her produce.

“Ecosan latrines are the best way to dispose of faecal matter and turn it into something useful,” said Martha.

After seeing Martha’s Ecosan latrine, others in her village began to build their own, including the village chief.

“I hope with many Ecosans in my village, it will become the smartest village in Phalombe,” he said.

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