Happy Villages

Happy Villages is an education centre that offers training and resources in areas such as:

  • permaculture
  • renewable energy
  • water, sanitation and hygiene
  • agro-processing and agro-ecology

Happy Villages has been an Action on Poverty Partner since 2013. Together, we promote sustainable rural development in targeted communities, transforming subsistence farmers into small-scale enterprises and diversified entrepreneurs. We introduce communities to new technologies such as compost systems, medicinal nurseries, rainwater tanks, water treatment systems, wind and solar energy systems, agro-processing units and livestock farm plots. 

Our work with Happy Villages focuses on empowering women. Of the 150 women trained under our projects, three are now employed with Happy Villages and another two with the Kenyan Government’s department of agriculture. Farmers have also reported improved crop yields – from three bags of maize before the partnership to about 10 bags from a quarter-acre. Agro-processing is also helping farmers increase their household income as they can add value to their crops and sell them at nearby markets, while storage technologies allow them to store their produce and sell when prices are favourable.

Action on Poverty

Action on Poverty