Flood relief for students in Vietnam

Posted on April 18, 2018

Girl unfolds bedding - Action on Poverty

In October 2017, deadly floods swept through Hoa Binh in Vietnam, killing more than 50 people, washing away homes and destroying livelihoods.

Floods devastate schools

In Dong Ruong commune, two primary schools were damaged, and another has still not reopened. To attend school, students were forced to take a long journey across the river to attend classes in a neighbouring village, where there were terrible boarding facilities.

Keeping kids in the classroom

Thanks to our supporters, we raised $1,410 to help these students. Your gifts bought comfortable bunk beds and much-needed homewares, such as bedding and bowls. Students now have a safe, secure place to stay, and can focus on their studies.

Students in Vietnam with new homewares - Action on Poverty

Peace of mind

“With the aid package delivered, parents can relax more while their kids are studying far away from home,” said Mr Vang, the school principal.

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