Fishing For Prosperity

Hoi is the most successful fish farmer in Hoa Binh, Vietnam, with the largest business in the area.

Hoi used to have a range of different livelihoods, including farming fish, buffalo and chickens. But without training and finance, he struggled to earn a good income from any of these models.

A hand-up, not a hand-out

Two years ago, Hoi attended our training sessions in aquaculture and business management. He then took out a loan of $6,000, and grew his business from just two fish cages to 16 cages – the most of any farmer in his village.

“I attended Action on Poverty’s training and learned how to raise fish effectively,” said Hoi. “My life has changed significantly. Fish farming is more stable than other kinds of agriculture. Recent floods have seriously damaged other livelihood models, but my fish cages are still safe and sound.”

Spreading the wealth

Hoi sells his fish to markets in Hanoi, which brings his family a steady income. However, he doesn’t keep the fruits of success to himself. By lending his neighbours young fish and buying their mature ones, Hoi is enabling other families, who lack the proper resources, to raise fish too.

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