Fiji schools win big

It might be a popular holiday destination, but almost a third of people in Fiji live below the poverty line.

This means that many families struggle to cover education costs, and schools often suffer from a lack of quality teaching and resources. Without a good education, children miss out on opportunities and are more likely to remain trapped in the poverty cycle.

Schools find their own way

Schools in Navakasiga District are set to receive a much-needed boost after winning a grant of over AUD$100,000 from the Japanese Embassy.

This win came after we teamed up with our local partner in Fiji to deliver a two-day workshop in writing grant proposals. The funding will go towards improving school infrastructure, and purchasing books and computers.

Meeting their own needs

Our local partner, Partners in Community Development Fiji (PCDF), brought together community leaders, women’s and youth groups, educators, health workers and environmental groups last year. Together, they learned about writing grant proposals, budgeting, reporting, and project management.

It might sound dry, but winning grants is an essential fundraising tool. By writing their own proposals, communities cant take ownership of their development projects and fulfil their own vision for change. Winning grants not only brings money into the community, but also connects local changemakers with a global network of donors and grantmakers.

Using the skills they learned in the workshop, the District School Education Committee worked with head teachers to develop a strong proposal to upgrade the school library and computer lab.

With the school district’s success, other local community groups are now confident they too can win important grants.

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