Africa Water Appeal

Water crisis in southern Africa

Families are facing the dire consequences of drought in Malawi and Zimbabwe. People are resorting to digging holes by roadsides and in riverbeds to find water. Although it’s unsafe, it’s all they have to drink. People like Agnes are at high risk of contracting serious water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

A changing climate

Climate change is creating erratic weather patterns in this region – a disaster for communities who rely on rain-fed agriculture. Farmers are seeing unexpected rain in the dry season, and very little rain in the wet season. Without water systems, they can’t earn a living and feed their families.

The human impact

Elida is the Chair of her water point committee, while Loveness became the first female lead farmer in her village in Malawi. These are incredible stories of resilience and transformation – but drought can undo all this hard work.

Join our wave of change

Please give a tax-deductible* gift to help us bring water tanks and irrigation systems to villages facing drought. By helping families access clean water, you’re part of a flow-on effect that can put meals on the table, improve children’s health, and build more resilient communities.

90% of your donation goes straight to our international programs. Plus, every donation you make to this project will be combined with funding from the Australian Government to reach more people.

*All donations $2 and over are tax-deductible. Action on Poverty has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status (ABN 42 002 568 005). For more information about tax-deductibility, please contact us.

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