Action on COVID-19

COVID-19 is pushing the communities we work with even deeper into disadvantage. 

With lockdowns in effect, many people on the brink of poverty have lost their incomes and are now struggling to buy food and other essentials. The pandemic is likely to trigger a global hunger crisis unlike any we’ve seen before.

  • In Bangladesh, urban slum dwellers have lost their work as day labourers and can’t afford to eat.

  • Shelters for women and children affected by domestic violence in Cambodia and Timor-Leste are reporting increased demand.

  • In Zimbabwe, rural families have no money to buy essential goods like cooking oil and medicine.

  • In Kiribati, island communities can’t access seeds from the capital to grow their kitchen-gardens.

Many of the communities we work with lack knowledge of good hygiene practices, much less access to water, soap, or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They also live in conditions that make social distancing impossible.

Unfortunately, women, children, and people with disabilities are among those most affected. In times of hardship, they are the first to miss out on resources and the most vulnerable to violence and abuse.

Take action now

Please give a tax-deductible* gift by 30 June to help communities:

  • access reliable and timely information about COVID-19;

  • adopt good hygiene practices;

  • access soap, sanitiser, and PPE; and

  • access food and other essentials during the crisis.


*All gifts $2 and over are tax-deductible.

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