Christmas Appeal

Uplifting children through education

This Christmas, give a hand-up, not a hand-out. Help children in Vietnam get the education they need to break free from poverty. 

A village in need

When her village was destroyed in a landslide, Hang, 7, and her family had to move 15km away, high up into the mountains.

They are trying to rebuild their lives, but the conditions are very difficult. Hang’s parents are travelling back to their old farming plot every day. They have to work hard to pay back the big loans they had to take out to build temporary homes.

Meanwhile, Hang is doing her best to study at the temporary school, but it’s in terrible condition and unsafe for children.

School building

Support the local school

The school has one classroom to accommodate students of all ages at the same time – an enormous challenge for teachers. There is no water available in the toilets and families often have to contribute water to the school.


The school’s roof and pillars are made of corrugated iron, which is very dangerous in this area, where heavy rain, wind, and lightning strikes are common. There is no play equipment.

“I’m worried about the poor learning conditions. I wish I could give my children all the best conditions for them to study.” -Uyen

“I want to have enough books. I want to study better. I want to be a doctor in future so as to help the poor.” -Hang, 7

“I hope the children can overcome the difficulties to study better and build up their knowledge. Then they will come back and develop the economy of the village in future.” -Teacher Nhien

Please bring joy to disadvantaged students in Vietnam this Christmas. Your gifts will help us upgrade classrooms, purchase learning materials, and install new play equipment.