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Partnerships With Impact

What is your vision for a better world?

Perhaps you’re a philanthropist who wants to be directly involved in a project you’re passionate about. Maybe you’re thinking about starting an NGO of your own and need to connect with the right partners overseas. Do you have a unique idea or skill set that you think could make a difference in developing communities?

Action on Poverty is the trusted partner for individuals or organisations who want to take more effective action on poverty. Whether your passion is educating girls in Cambodia or ending hunger in Malawi, we’re ready to help you play your role.

Our partners have developed innovative technologies to reduce dengue, helped children access free and effective treatment for clubfoot, and implemented award-winning models for social enterprise. 

STORY: How Vance is empowering ethnic minority communities in Vietnam

Dr Vance talking with AOP staff on a field trip in Vietnam

How we can help

Action on Poverty can help you create high-impact projects that create long-term change. Our services include:

  • helping you understand development challenges and contexts

  • designing effective, human-centred interventions that leverage your unique skills, interests and resources

  • connecting you with our grassroots networks in-country

  • ensuring your project complies with best practice, including DFAT and ACFID standards

  • contributing grants to eligible projects.

AOP is ready to steer you through the design and delivery of quality projects overseas, building on our 50 years of excellence in development practice.

Talk to us today about how you can make a difference.