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Here are some frequently asked questions about leaving a gift in your will. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

1. Do I have to make a will to leave a gift to Action on Poverty?

Yes, if you wish to leave a gift to Action on Poverty out of your estate when you die, you need to record this in a will. You can donate to Action on Poverty at any time during your lifetime without making a will but the only effective way of leaving a gift which takes effect when you die is to make a will.

2. Do I need a solicitor to make a will?

You do not have to instruct a solicitor to prepare your will for you but we strongly recommend it. A solicitor will ensure that your will complies with the legal requirements to make it valid and achieves what you want overall, not just in relation to any gift you give to Action on Poverty.

3. Do I need to show you my will?

No, you do not need to show us the contents of your will. We do like to know when someone has left us a gift so we can thank them, but there is no obligation to tell us.

4. Do I need to be wealthy to make a will?

No, not at all. There is a common misconception that only the wealthy are involved in philanthropic giving. In reality the majority of charitable giving comes from every day people who want to make a difference after their death.

5. Can I change my will?

Yes, you can change your will at any time, and indeed it is advisable to check your will regularly to make sure it still covers your circumstances and wishes.

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