Rebuild HIAM Health

HIAM Health has been devastated by flooding that hit Timor-Leste over Easter. The floods killed over 40 people, with thousands more displaced or missing. 

HIAM Health’s headquarters were inundated, causing serious damage. The nutrition gardens, vehicles, generators, water pumps, and IT/office equipment were destroyed – essentially everything except the building itself.

HIAM Health is a malnutrition and rehabilitation centre in the capital of Dili. It provides food for malnourished children and educates families on nutrition, agriculture, and hygiene. HIAM Health has been working tirelessly for decades to reduce the high rates of malnutrition in Timor, particularly in children under five – currently at 57%.

HIAM Health’s services are needed more than ever in the wake of the flood. The disaster is exacerbating existing water, food, and sanitation shortages.

Please join us and help HIAM Health rebuild so they can continue to serve their community. Your gifts can pay for emergency repairs and buy new equipment to help HIAM get on with their vital work.


Flooded training gardens

Flooding of HIAM Health’s training gardens

HIAM Health's processing centre flooded

Flooding at HIAM Health’s processing centre

HIAM Health training centre flooded

Flooding at HIAM Health’s training centre