Entrepreneur Program

In Tanzania, 80% of people who live under the poverty line reside in rural areas such as Nyamatongo. Girls and people with disabilities (PWDs) are among the most vulnerable in these regions. They face social stigma and are excluded from education and work, ensuring they remain trapped in the poverty cycle.

The Entrepreneur Program helps girls and PWDs start a sewing business or seedling nursey so they can earn an income and meet their own needs.

Who we work with

The Entrepreneur Program works with vulnerable girls who have left school and have no income of their own, as well as PWDs referred from the local health centre. 

In Tanzania, early marriage and pregnancy keep girls out of the classroom, with over one-third of girls married before the age of 18. This number is even higher in rural areas, where struggling families often prioritise boys’ education and girls must rely on their husband or parents to survive.

In addition, over 50% of Tanzanian children with disabilities aren’t in school, which hinders their social and economic opportunities later in life. Just 3% of PWDs earn income from paid employment.

About the program

The program trains girls and PWDs in Nyamatongo in business skills such as book-keeping and project planning. Participants learn to sew a variety of products, including dresses and face masks, which gives them a trade to earn their own income. The program also supports a tree nursery, with participants growing and selling fruit trees to villages, schools, and government.

This tax time, your gift can provide entrepreneurship training for girls and PWDs in Tanzania. Together, we can help more people start a small business and lift themselves out of poverty.

Fred and his mother during sewing training

This project is implemented in partnership with Australia for Cedar Tanzania.

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In the unlikely event that an appeal is over-subscribed, we will direct your gift to a similar project or contact you to find out your preference.