Reports and policies

Annual Reports

Annual Reports keep our donors, members and other supporters up-to-date on our work. Contact us if you’d like hard copies.

2016-17 Annual Report

2015-16 Annual Report

2014-15 Annual Report

2013-14 Annual Report

2012-13 Annual Report

2011-12 Annual Report

2010-11 Annual Report

Financial Statements

Click on the links below to download our Financial Statements or contact us for hard copies.

2016-17 Financial Statements

2015-16 Financial Statements

2014-15 Financial Statements

2013-14 Financial Statements


Click on the links below to download our policies or contact us for hard copies.

Child Protection Policy

Complaints Handling Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Counter Terrorism Policy

Disability Policy

Fraud Policy

Gender Policy

Privacy Policy

Welfare, Evangelism and Partisan Political Activities Policy

Workplace Policy on HIV and AIDS

Action on Poverty

Action on Poverty