About partnerships

We believe working in partnership with others is the best way to alleviate poverty. It’s inclusive, sustainable and cost-effective. By sharing resources and drawing on local knowledge, we can achieve sustainable development that helps people lift themselves out of poverty.

We work with around 30 partners in Australia and developing countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific to fundraise for and implement development projects. The Action on Poverty Partnership (APP) Program has mobilised tens of millions of dollars to support grassroots initiatives while also helping our partners gain the skills and experience they need to become independent agencies.

Why partner with us?

Whether you’re an individual or represent an organisation, working in Australia or overseas, becoming an Action on Poverty Partner offers many benefits. By partnering with us, you’ll be working with an independent, secular and non-partisan organisation that is fully accredited with DFAT and a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct.

Donations to Action on Poverty Partners are tax-deductible due to our Deductible Gift Recipient 1 (DGR-1) status and membership of the Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme (OAGDS). Tax-deductible donations can then be transferred overseas.

Action on Poverty Partnerships also offer many other benefits, including:

  • better value-for-money for donors
  • mobilising local knowledge to improve projects and deliver better outcomes for local communities
  • combining the fundraising efforts of Action on Poverty and its partner organisations
  • promoting knowledge- and skill-sharing between organisations
  • respecting the agency and independence of organisations
  • offering training and networking opportunities
  • helping new organisations gain experience until they’re ready to become independent NGOs


What kind of partnership?

Action Partners

Action Partners implement activities in developing countries in Africa, Asia or the Pacific. Action Partners are responsible for managing projects and fundraising within their country. Through partnership, we help Action Partners:

  • engage with the Australian public
  • increase their donation base outside of the country in which they work
  • network with other Action on Poverty Partners
  • tap into established administrative and technical systems
  • provide coaching in project design, management and reporting

Fundraising Partners

Fundraising Partners are organisations or individuals who want to obtain tax-deductible donations from the Australian public for philanthropic causes in developing countries. They may be public or private ancillary funds, non DGR-eligible trusts or foundations, or one or more individuals with the determination to take Action on Poverty.

Our Fundraising Partners are committed to funding a specific cause or project, and engage with the Australian public to raise awareness of international development issues. We help our Fundraising Partners:

  • raise tax-deductible donations for particular causes, for our Action Partners, or for our programs in greatest need
  • interact with development professionals in Australia and overseas
  • access international fundraising systems, tools and templates
  • comply with fundraising guidelines, protocols and strategies

Progressing Partners

Progressing Partners are organisations that aspire to become an independent and fully-accredited NGO in Australia with its own DGR status. We help our Progressing Partners achieve their goals and build a track record in delivering effective poverty alleviation programs. Progressing Partners also gain access to:

  • support and mentoring programs to assist in applying for OAGDS
  • Action on Poverty’s processes and systems, while they develop their own
  • networking opportunities with other development organisations
  • industry support and connections

Supporting Partners

Supporting Partners are organisations or individuals who want to contribute their skills on a pro-bono or in-kind basis to one of our other partners. This is ideal for socially responsible organisations, universities, local government, community organisations or individuals who want to engage in development work. Our Suppporting Partners:

  • enhance and diversify their skill sets
  • access learning and networking opportunities within the development sector
  • access a range of Action on Poverty systems, structures, tools and templates

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