Tools for recovery after Solomon Islands floods

Two women standing in front of a river. A house is in the background, which has partially fallen into the river.

Annie and Rebecca standing in front of their home, which was destroyed in the floods

Annie and Rebecca are mothers who live with their families in a small, rural village in Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands

Both of them were asleep when devastating floods came through their village at 11 o’clock at night in April 2014.

People from the neighbouring village ran to wake up Annie and Rebecca and warn them of the impending floods.

However, by the time Annie and Rebecca woke up the water levels were already above their knees and their homes were badly damaged.

“I was only able to grab my young son and a few pieces of clothes before the floods came and washed away my house and all my things”, said Annie.

The floods also tore through the local school building, ripping it from its foundations and washing away all the village’s literacy materials.

With the generous support of the Australian public, AFAP Action on Poverty and local community partner the Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT), we were able to provide Annie and Rebecca’s village with building materials and tools to assist in recovery efforts.

They have used the materials to rebuild their homes in a new location away from the river. The building materials were also used to rebuild the local school and we gave the village textbooks and stationery to replace those washed away in the floods.

Annie and Rebecca are very thankful to the Australian public for their generosity.

They now have homes that are safe from future floods and have used the new text books to learn how to write their own names.