School visit from Action on Poverty

Posted on November 2, 2016

Saya and Grandma

Saya and Grandma at Action on Poverty

Eight-year-old Saya and her grandmother, Dianne, teamed up with Action on Poverty (AOP) to fundraise over $2,000 to bring clean water to a school in Pu Nhi, Vietnam. Saya was inspired by her grandmother’s passion for helping disadvantaged people in Vietnam and Zambia, and was motivated when she heard that students in Vietnam didn’t have access to clean water or shoes in the winter.

Within mere weeks, the dynamic duo met their target fundraising goal towards a water tank and filtration system and winter clothes for over 90 children at a remote preschool and kindergarten in northern Vietnam.

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AOP visits Montessori East

Following Saya’s success, a team from Action on Poverty, including members from the Vietnam office, made a school visit to Montessori East in Sydney. The team gave a short presentation on what a day in school is like for students in rural Vietnam and how it differs from growing up in Australia, highlighting Saya’s contributions.

Classroom visit

AOP staff visits Montessori East

The students from Montessori East enjoyed sharing about their daily lives and learning about the tasks and traditions for Vietnamese students, and sharing about their participation in service projects.

Insightful and precocious, the First through Sixth graders observed that their Vietnamese counterparts might not be as fortunate as they are.

Yet despite having less, the Vietnamese students still seemed happy, which inspired both gratefulness and a desire to contribute in the students.

Young commitment to service

At Montessori East, the youngest to the oldest students are already familiar with the concept of service. The students engage in the local community through growing and distributing fresh vegetables, and older students have even traveled to Thailand on a service journey.

Through these activities and the presentation, the students were not only able to demonstrate their understanding of and participate in service, but also showed critical observations about inequalities in the world.

These young, bright, and already compassionate kids represent a hopeful future where caring and helping others comes first. 

Do you want a make a difference like Saya, her Grandma and the students at Montessori East? Why not fundraise for us! If you’d like Action on Poverty to visit your school, contact us at

saya and grandma - pu-nhi school children

Students in Pu Nhi thank Saya and Grandma