Panha goes to preschool

Posted on November 9, 2016

Little girl attends preschool

Panha, 4, Veal Veng, Cambodia

Without a preschool education

In Veal Veng district, Cambodia, Panha lived too far away to attend a preschool. She couldn’t play with other children, learn to read and write, or gain basic health knowledge before starting primary school.

Veal Veng has a shocking poverty rate of close to 50%. Residents do not have access to basic health and education services. Even worse, human trafficking poses a real threat to children in this area.

Without school, most young children spend their days with their parents working in the field, often in pouring rain or harsh heat.

Students who don’t attend preschool usually have to repeat grades or drop out of school.

How we helped

Action on Poverty partnered with Atlassian Foundation and the Cambodian Organization for Children and Development (COCD) to establish 4 preschools and 15 home-based preschool programs to Veal Veng.

Now, Panha learns reading, writing, nutrition, and social skills every day at school.

“Panha has developed remarkably over the course of the year,” said Panha’s teacher. “She is becoming a brave girl who has a strong relationship with her friends.”

Panha’s bright future

Thanks to her early education, Panha has a much better chance of finishing primary school. She has a lower risk of becoming a human trafficking victim. Further, she will learn how to avoid illness related to poor hygiene. 

With an education, Panha will be better-equipped to escape the cycle of poverty.

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