Appeal for Life-saving Maternal Waiting Home

Give a tax-deductible gift to help us build life-saving maternal waiting homes in Mutoko, Zimbabwe, to care for expecting mums and their new bubs.

Women in Zimbabwe are almost two hundred times more likely to die of birth complications than Australian women. They often don’t live close enough to a hospital or can’t afford the fees. They receive no pre-natal care. They have no access to emergency medical help if there are complications.

Maternal waiting homes offer the care that all women and babies deserve. The homes provide:

  • a safe, comfortable place for women to rest before giving birth
  • pre-natal care so any conditions can be detected and treated early
  • nurses trained in obstetrics who assist during the birth and offer emergency medical help
  • ante-natal care, immunisations and check-ups
  • breastfeeding training and nutrition information sessions for mothers.

Communities that have built maternal waiting homes report fewer deaths of mothers and babies from complications and lack of medical care.

Ellen had to give birth to her first three children on the floor of her home using her own razor to cut the babies’ umbilical cords. Thankfully, Ellen’s community built a maternal waiting home with our help in time to give birth to her youngest son, Kerod, and had access to the emergency care she needed during the birth.

Your tax-deductible gift could help save hundreds more lives.

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Action on Poverty