Small Livestock Pass-on Scheme

Animals such as pigs, goats and chickens can make a huge difference in people’s lives, helping them feed their families and improve their income.

We work with United Purpose in Malawi to help people like Mary. Mary is a 48-year-old widow from Thyolo District. She takes care of her children, including a son that has a disability. This gives her very little time to make a living for herself.

As part of the Small Livestock Pass-on Scheme, she received a voucher worth $20 to purchase a pig. She was then required to build her own pig pen and pay the scheme back with two piglets once the pig gave birth.

After a few months, the pig gave birth to six piglets. This allowed Mary to not only pay back the scheme, but also earn extra income. Consequently, she was able to buy materials to construct her dream house as well as blankets for her children.

Reflecting on her experiences, Mary said that having enough food to eat is a significant change in her life.

“Pig farming has changed my destiny, I consider myself worthy of living now and have a peace of mind,” she said.

You can help someone like Mary. Buy an animal and help a family today.

Action on Poverty

Action on Poverty