Good governance is the backbone of strong and sustainable societies. For development to succeed long-term, communities must be involved in decision-making. We help build bridges between communities and policy makers to support active civil societies that hold their governments to account. Our work involves:

  • empowering communities with social accountability tools
  • creating dialogue between government and communities
  • building a mandate for civil society at the policy level
  • empowering women by increasing their role in decision-making


Case study: Solomon Islands

Julie is a member of her local Village Advocacy Committee in Malaita Province, Solomon Islands. This year, she participated in the Bridging the Gap (BTG) project, which improves governance systems so villagers, especially women, can advocate and plan for development.

During a BTG training session, Julie noticed that men were the key decision-makers in all development projects. Women’s voices weren’t often heard because most lacked the confidence to speak up.

“The training I attended really helped make a difference. We came to understand that both women and men should participate equally in decision-making, and work together to achieve community aspirations.”

“It gave me the courage to speak up in public meetings. I also joined the management committee of the Faumamanu Savings Group, and now I teach other women how to save money for their family needs. I have also learned to become more self-reliant.”

Julie is now calling on all women and girls in surrounding communities to be trained so they can become agents of change in their villages, especially in the areas of water, sanitation and education.

“The program has shown us the way forward and it is time for our communities to appreciate our women and respect our opinions in decision-making.”

Help more people like Julie have a say in their communities.


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Action on Poverty