City2Surf – Join our team and run for Action on Poverty!

Posted on May 26, 2015

Ladies of the Voza Community washing clothes

Ladies of  Voza village washing clothes

 Run for Action on Poverty at this year’s City2Surf!

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Did you know that if you join our team in this year’s City2Surf, you could also be changing lives for the better?

This year we have teamed up with social enterprise Join the Pipe to help raise funds for the Voza Community in the remote outskirts of the Solomon Islands. 

The problem

Daily life for the Voza community is extremely challenging. Water is scarce and villagers have no choice but to travel long distances to find water and even then, the water is unsafe to drink. This results in serious implications on their health, their safety and general well-being. Children are missing precious days of school due to sickness, and many are forced to move away from Voza in search of work and safer living conditions.

How you can help

By running (or walking!) in City2Surf and sponsoring our team, you will be providing better access to clean drinking water and helping to improve the lives of the community at large. 

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