Blue Dragon’s roaring success

Posted on September 11, 2017


We’re proud to have helped Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in Vietnam rescue hundreds of trafficked children, offer scholarships, and provide vocational training. Now it’s time for Blue Dragon to graduate from our partnership program, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

At Action on Poverty, we believe in empowering local changemakers to find their own solutions to poverty. Through our Action on Poverty Partnership Program, we mentor young organisations like Blue Dragon, helping them access the networks and funding they need to become independent agencies. Together, we can help more children like Vinh escape the cycle of entrenched poverty.

Vinh’s story

Vinh grew up in a very poor family and, as a young child, sold candy on the streets to make money to support his mother. He was at high risk of falling victim to human trafficking, sex work or drug running.

Like us, Blue Dragon believes education is the key to escaping poverty. Blue Dragon’s social workers encouraged Vinh to start going to school and attend classes at their Drop-in Centre. Vinh balanced his studies with a barista course, plus martial arts and hip hop classes. Now 16, Vinh is in Grade 9 and works as a part-time barista at a coffee shop, where he is known as a hard worker who always goes the extra mile.

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What’s next

Congratulations to the Blue Dragon team on graduating from our partnership program. Over the last five years, we’ve coached them in policy, development, fundraising and more. Now that they’re thriving on their own, we wish them all the best and thank them for sharing their passion and knowledge with us.

Even though Blue Dragon is no longer our partner, we’ll continue to help children in Vietnam access the opportunities they deserve.

Give hard-working families in southern Vietnam the chance to send their children to school and save for the future by supporting our Community Development Fund.