Become a partner

If you want to take the next step and become one of our highly valued partners working in Australia or in communities in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, here are the steps you need to take:
  1. Get in touch with us to express your interest in becoming an Action on Poverty Partner
  2. We’ll send you an application package to complete
  3. Return your application package, together with: 
    • project activity plan
    • project budget
    • M&E framework
    • three references or letters of support
    • completed Contribution Scheme form
    • $500 application fee
  4. Complete a project feasibility study and undertake reference, key policy compliance and police checks
  5. We’ll conduct a desk review and risk assessment of your organisation
  6. Our board will meet to decide on your application 
  7. You will be informed of the outcome 
  8. If you’re successful, we’ll hold a new partner induction where we review and sign key documents including the Head Agreement, Codes of Conduct and project documents
  9. Welcome meeting
  10. Donations and project implementation begin
  11. Undertake a systems assessment within six months 
Contact us to find out more about becoming an Action on Poverty Partner.