Adopt a School

Are you a business, community leader, or individual looking for a way to take Action on Poverty? Check out our Adopt a School program today.

It's part of our mission to connect compassionate communities with communities in need. Through our Adopt a School program, we facilitate partnerships between communities wanting to make a difference, with schools that need some extra support.


Why adopt a school?

Education is a fundamental human right and a cornerstone to overcoming poverty. 

But sadly, millions are deprived of this right. In impoverished areas, children may have to travel kilometers each day to reach the nearest school. Facilities are often in poor condition and under-resourced, many lacking proper water and sanitation facilities.

What is adopt a school?

We connect you with schools in need. By being on the ground in our project sites, we work with the community to identify their needs and how best to address them. This means that every project is tailored to the specific needs of the area. 

Examples of supported activities could include:

  • Classroom infrastructure renovation
  • Clean water filters and toilet facilities
  • Boarding facilities
  • School and teaching supplies
  • Hygiene improvement and awareness for students
  • Educator development
  • Nutritional awareness
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Parent involvement

We've connected international corporations and schools with communities in need for corporate social responsibility and community-service projects.

Contact us to start your project today.

Action on Poverty

Action on Poverty