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Action on Poverty is an independent, secular, not-for-profit Australian non-government organisation founded in 1968. We are a membership-based aid organisation that takes Action on Poverty in Asia, Africa and the Pacific, primarily through a partnerships-based approach that sees us engage with in-country NGOs that have proven experience, skills and local understanding. This ensures that our aid interventions are locally appropriate, efficient, and sustainable over the long term.

Action on Poverty is fully-accredited with the Australian government, holds DGR-1 status, and is an authorised member of the Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme (OAGDS), which enables donations to Action on Poverty to be tax-deductible and for those donations to be transferred overseas. We are also a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and a signatory to its Code of Conduct, which guarantees good practice in terms of organisational integrity, transparency, and accountability.

We take a rights-based approach to poverty reduction, believing that all people should be able to live with dignity and have their basic needs met. This approach means we work towards addressing the underlying causes of poverty: not only the direct effects of it. It is our belief that community-based development, underpinned by work aimed at strengthening local civil society organisations and community groups, is the most effective and sustainable way to create opportunities for people to meet their own development aspirations in the long term.

Simply put – we help people to help themselves.

Mr Le grafts soursop

Mr Le’s fast-growing fruit co-op

August 14, 2017

As rising sea levels push salt water into the Mekong Delta, farmers like Mr Le have to adapt quickly to survive. Read how Mr Le has adapted his plants to grow in salty conditions and hwo he hand-pollinates his fruit now the bees have disappeared.
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Action on Poverty

Action on Poverty